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»Scrubs« Ep. 2.01, »My Overkill« [A.k.a. »Scrubs. Die Anfänger.« Ep. 2.01: »Mein Rundumschlag.« (German title).]

Commentary by: Bill Lawrence (Series Creator) & Zach Braff (Actor, John Dorian/J.D.)

Rating: ●●●○○

Adjectives: Funny, chatty

Freiburg. (mjeu/majo) This commentary on »My Overkill« features series star Zach Braff and show creator Bill Lawrence. The producer/writer gives away that the network (that is NBC) didn’t like the episode at all while viewers rated it top 3 of the entire series. Braff and he chat about how all the actors used to look different the year season 2 was shot.

Australian musician and former lead singer of »Men at Work« Colin Hay makes a comic cameo appearance with his guitar. He was in the episode because much of his music had been featured before. Braff and Lawrence also introduce to the listeners some of the extras that appear and talk about how the series’s fans revolted against the changed opening credits sequence which ended up being used for only a handful of episodes.

The both of them give a few interesting insights from behind the scenes and enhance a lot of the jokes by laughing with the listener and thereby making them even funnier.

11 February 2007

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