Scrubs’s »My Hero« Audio Commentary

Welche Audiokommentare lohnen sich?

Welche Audiokommentare lohnen sich?

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Which audio commentaries are worth your time?

»Scrubs« Ep. 1.23, »My Hero« [A.k.a. »Scrubs. Die Anfänger.« Ep. 1.23: »Mein Held.« (German title).]

Commentary by: Bill Lawrence (Series Creator) & John C. McGinley (Actor, Dr. Cox)

Rating: ●●●○○

Freiburg. (mjeu/majo) Series Creator Bill Lawrence and John C. McGinley who plays Dr. Cox on the show talk about how this is one of Cox’s best stories. For the first time he shows a human side as his brother in law suffers from leukemia and J.D. confronts him with his procrastinating to deal with him. Naturally, both the producer and the actor praise Brendan Fraser, who in this episode made his second appearance as Cox’s ex-wife’s brother. They give away that the character dies later.

Another actress the both of them pay compliments to is the one who plays Cox’s ex-wife since she is Bill Lawrence’s wife in real life.

The actor who plays Janitor earns credit for coming up himself with most of his jokes.

Lawrence and McGinley also talk about the stunts that occur in some of J.D.’s dream sequences. McGinley says about a female extra he had a scene with that her halitosis was so bad he couldn’t stay near her. Also in this episode, for the first time Ted the Lawyer’s a capella band appears. Bill Lawrence thinks that every appearance of the band is funny, but the network NBC usually doesn’t think so when he puts them in an episode. McGinley’s doesn’t think so, either.

This is one episode from back in the time when it used plenty sound effects, e. g. the whipping sounds whenever somebody turned their head fast. There also is one sentimental musical queue in the episode that wasn’t used anymore after this and neither Lawrence nor McGinley miss.

Finally, this is one of the episodes that were only about 23 minutes long but packed with three different storylines plus a Janitor running gag. The commentators touch on this structural aspect, too.

It appears to be a rule of thumb that the less people are involved in the audio commentary, the more you get out of it. The reason seems to be that if there are, say, three people in the recording studio—a creative writer, a funny actor and a narcissistic director for example—they deal a lot with each other and try to be the funniest one all. Therefore they don’t really find the time to deal with the themes of their film, the narrative aspects or the technique. That was true of the “Scrubs” commentaries I’ve watched so far.

Bill Lawrence plus two people—just stupid. Bill Lawrence and one more guy—much more interesting. This commentary on episode 1.23 doesn’t include loads of information, at least nothing surprising, but the series creator and the series star talk a bit about how McGinley’s role was planned, certain ways in which “Scrubs” is visually more ambitious than other sitcoms and—as always—have lots of fun.

11 February 2007

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