Farivar on Data Protection

Interview with Cyrus FarivarmartinJost.eu (English),
fudder.de (Deutsch)

Martin Jost: How is the fact that security agencies collect and evaluate metadata from practically all electronic communication channels perceived in the US?

Cyrus Farivar: I think most (non tech-savvy) people are either unaware or don’t care. I think the prevailing attitude is: “I have nothing to hide, so what’s the big deal?” This makes me sad, as I don’t think most people realize what the implications of this are, and how this is such a huge departure from what’s been done/has been possible in the past. That being said, Congress recently aggressively questioned Department of Justice officials this past week, so maybe at least they can change the government’s behavior.

Why is there not more of a reaction/a scandal/opposition?
→ I thought (via pop culture: X-Files; Enemy of the State; Conspiracy Theory) there was a general distrust in the US towards secret government agencies. Why doesn’t that translate into opposition?

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